Utah Department of Health & Human Services

Public Health & Medical Logistics

The Public Health and Medical Logistics section is a combination of resources from the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Program and the Healthcare Preparedness Program (HPP). The logistical resources are available to support local and county emergency management in responding to incidents that exceed local capacity.

General Resources and Requests
The resources currently held by the Utah Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) are stored at the department’s warehouse or in trailers prepositioned across the state. The resources can be used for pre-planned events, pre-Stafford Act emergencies, and during a declared emergency.

To request resources during a pre-Stafford Act emergency: In coordination with the local health department and UDHHS, call the 24 DHHS Disaster Line at 1-866-364-8824 and follow up that request with an email to dhhsdoc@utah.gov.

During a declared emergency, local emergency operation centers (EOC) should work through their ESF 8 personnel to request resources through the State EOC.

For pre-planned event requests, please complete the form and a member of the logistics team will respond you in a timely manner: Logistics Request Form

Contact:  Bryan Larsen at bglarsen@utah.gov or 385-239-2967

Medical Countermeasure Management (MCM)

The MCM Program utilizes the Strategic National Stockpile and other resources to provide medicine and medical supplies to protect the public if there is a public health emergency (terrorist attack, flu outbreak, earthquake) severe enough to cause local supplies to run out.There are also 16 CHEMPACK nerve agent response kits pre-positioned at undisclosed locations across Utah. These kits are pre-positioned because the time needed to deliver the medications is much shorter than the standard shipping and receiving times. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies, dispatch centers, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies should either contact their local health department or the MCM Program Manager at the state to learn the location of the site closest to them.

Helpful Websites:
SNS Extranet
SNS SharePoint
SAMS (IMATS, CTS Communication Portal, Countermeasure and Administration CRA)

Contact: Russell Pierson at russellpierson@utah.gov or 385-222-6619

Utah Health Emergency Response Team (UHERT)

The UHERT is comprised of approximately 75 members that stand ready to respond to incidents across Utah. Members are health care professionals, paraprofessionals, and other support personnel. Activation and deployment is at the direction of the Utah Department of Health and Human Services under the Department’s EOP and the State of Utah Emergency Response Procedures. The team is able to provide the following services:

Medical Care

  1. Treatment and stabilization
    • Prehospital and hospital care for pediatric patients.
    • Prehospital and hospital care for blast/burn patients.
    • Prehospital and hospital care for disaster caused and exacerbated patients.
  2. Medical Sheltering
    • Provide non-acute care treatment in a shelter setting for disaster patients.
  3. Federal Coordinating Center Support
    • Provide medical treatment and stabilization to patients that are sent to Utah from another state following a disaster.
  4. Outbound Patient Movement Support
    • Provide medical care to patients that will leave Utah following a disaster.

All medical care can be provided in austere conditions.


  1. Provide patient tracking via Utah Patient Assessment and Tracking System (UPATS)
  2. Documentation and recording keeping for patients treated in ImageTrend Elite.
  3. General record keeping in the Department Operation Center (DOC), treatment areas, staging, and supply areas.


  1. In conjunction with the Logistics Section in the DHHS DOC provide logistical support services while on scene.
  2. Deploy resources as available to support local operations following a disaster.
  3. Deploy/Preposition assets to support large scale events or exercises as requested.

Contact: Bryan Larsen at bglarsen@utah.gov or 385-239-2967

Mass Fatality Management

The mass fatality management equipment we currently have includes a mobile morgue, BioSeal systems to seal remains, and remains collection kits. We also work closely with the Office of the Medical Examiner to ensure resources are available during a mass fatality event.

UT-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT)

The Utah Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness is proud to support the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) UT-1 DMAT.  During disasters and emergencies – and even during large-scale national security events – the need for medical care can quickly overwhelm the system. DMATs may be deployed to get people the medical care they need when seconds count. Whether they are responding to a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster; protecting health and saving lives in the wake of a terrorist attack or man-made disaster; providing support in the wake of a disease outbreak; or supporting a major event like the Presidential Inauguration, DMAT members provide care that matters.

Additional information and how to join:

Contact UT-1 Administrative Officer – Raul Garcia at utahdmat@gmail.com or 801 541-8768