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Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness

Utah Department of Health


The Complaint Compliance Enforcement Unit (CCEU) is the investigative branch of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness. The CCEU will investigate complaints and compliance concerns related to any entity or person who provides emergency medical services in a prehospital setting in the state. It will allow the general public, the state, or other government agencies the ability to file complaints concerning anyone who is licensed or certified by the bureau.

The CCEU will recommend a fair and consistent level of enforcement. This could include any of the following or a combination of any of the following: fines, letter of notice, denial, probation, suspension, or revocation of a person’s certification or an agency’s license or designation.

To file a complaint or to have a compliance issue addressed simply print the appropriate form(s) below. Complete the form and return to the CCEU as indicated on the form. The CCEU, by policy, will not accept an anonymous complaint but every effort will be made to keep the complainants information confidential.

If you have any further questions or comments feel free to contact the CCEU at 801-273-6629.

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